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Most pianos should be tuned at least once a year, even if no one is playing them. The wooden soundboard and bridges across which the strings are stretched expand and contract with exposure to climatic changes, pulling the strings out of tune regardless of whether the instrument is being played or not. The longer a piano goes without being tuned, the farther it will be off the ideal pitch. Jackson Pianos employs experienced professional piano tuner/technicians who are trained not only to tune pianos, but to utilize tuning visits to inspect the other working parts in order catch problems early. It is generally much more cost effective to get your piano serviced once a year than to deal with expensive repairs when you are ready to start using it again or want to sell it or pass it down in your family. Keeping your piano tuned on a regular cycle is highly advised.

Jackson Pianos charges $125.00 for a standard tuning. Once you are a Jackson Pianos client, the office at Jackson Pianos will help you keep your piano on a regular tuning cycle by providing reminder notifications and courtesy calls when your piano is due for tuning.

When you have a tuning date set, please have your piano cleared off and easily accessible to the tuner. He or she will need to be able to open the top lid to get to the pins and strings inside. A tuning generally takes about two hours, and the tuner will need to have a quiet environment with few distractions so they can focus on their work and do a thorough job.

Set up your appointment online now by clicking HERE or feel free to contact Jackson Pianos by phone at (314)371-4527 or by email at service@jacksonpianos.com to set up a tuning.  IF YOU ARE A NEW CLIENT, IT MAY BE EASIEST TO CONTACT US BY PHONE.