With thousands of working parts, many of which are composed of delicate, organic materials such as wood, felt, and buckskin, well-played pianos from time to time need well-trained technicians to complete repairs on them. Equipped with a full workshop and technicians able to complete anything from minor, cosmetic work to full rebuilding, Jackson Pianos is one of the best-equipped piano service companies in the area to help ensure that your piano functions properly to provide you with music for many years. Jackson Pianos can help you with the following:

  • Cosmetic repairs including cabinet touch-up work, chipped key-top repair, key-top replacement, and full refinishing
  • Maintenance work such as action regulation, hammer, reshaping, and interior/exterior cleaning
  • Major repair work including action part replacement, bridge and soundboard repairs, restringing, and pinblock refurbishment
  • Major rebuilding work including complete replication and replacement of the soundboard, pinblock, and action; and complete piano rebuilding

Due to the complex nature of pianos, an inspection is necessary in order to provide price quotes for most repairs. Please contact Jackson Pianos by phone at (314)371-4527 or by email at to set up an inspection, for which the $85 fee may be used toward the completion of repairs.