Insurance Claims and Catastrophe Repair

Incorrect handling during a move; a terrible storm knocking out a window in the music room; a fire in an adjoining room covering every surface with soot; these are bad situations for a piano and its owner. When a piano has been damaged, it is best to have it inspected by a professional piano technician/rebuilder before determining how to move forward. What may look severe to the inexperienced eye, can sometimes cost far less to repair than to completely replace, while the complex workings of the piano can also result in someone without thorough knowledge failing to catch severe damage. It is particularly important with rare or heirloom pianos to have a professional brought in to evaluate damage so that such an instrument is not unnecessarily deemed irreparable. Jackson Pianos is an experienced and reputable company, close to home, to turn to when a piano has been damaged and may require major repair or rebuilding work. Work of this nature requires a thorough inspection before repair prices may be quoted. Please contact Jackson Pianos by phone at (314)371-4527 or by email at for an inspection appointment.