Joe Jackson, president and owner of Jackson Pianos, founded the company in 1999 when he began refurbishing pianos in his spare time out of his home in South City. Joe had spent several years prior gaining experience working on pianos through classes and seminars around the country and as an apprentice under long-time St. Louis tuner and piano store owner, Julius Konopka.

In 2003, Joe decided to take the next step and move his part-time business to a storefront where selling, tuning, and restoring pianos would become his full-time occupation. The building he bought on Cherokee Street in St. Louis’ South City that year housed his business as well as he and his wife and new baby daughter. Shortly thereafter, Joe’s wife, Morgan Cameron began helping with the business and the two found that Morgan’s clerical and business skills were a good fit with Joe’s technical knowledge, and the business thrived on Cherokee through 2011, when expansion to a larger space was necessary.


Today, Jackson Pianos occupies a 9,000 square foot building in the Central West End, equipped with a showroom, full rebuilding workshop, and large refinishing and storage area. We now employ a full office staff and a team of piano tuner-technicians to service thousands of pianos at homes, schools, churches, and businesses in over thirty zip codes in St. Louis and surrounding areas. Despite Jackson Pianos’ growth and success, our family-run business remains tight-knit and continues to treat each customer and each piano like the beautiful, unique individuals that they are.

Giving Back:

A huge part of Jackson Pianos’ mission involves giving back to the St. Louis community. Jackson Pianos has initiated and funded several events and programs to provide fun, safe, and free music-education-oriented activities for St. Louisans.  We also regularly collaborate with local schools and universities to present classes and workshops centered around the piano and how it works. Jackson Pianos proudly donates services to local schools, churches, and non-profits, and offers discounts to seniors, veterans, and those expressing financial need.

Jackson Pianos believes strongly in the power of music to enhance life and with that in mind is committed to spreading appreciation for music, and the piano in particular, in our community. Our Keys in the Community program was initiated in 2016 to further demonstrate this commitment.  Keys in the Community works with local musicians and venues to provide piano rentals and services for free or steeply discounted rates in order to support our local artists and bring more live music to residents of our city.

Joe Jackson is proud to have co-founded Pianos For People, a non-profit organization that gives pianos to individuals and organizations that are not financially able to purchase one themselves. Jackson Pianos initially partnered with PFP to assess, service, and deliver donated pianos for the organization at a highly reduced rate before the organization took on this task in-house. Please visit http://pianosforpeople.org to learn more about this wonderful organization.

“Being an entrepreneur means a lot of striking out on your own, which involves a lot of striking out. But being able to see another person get a chance to love a wonderful piano gives me an automatic grand slam.” -Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson and his wife, Morgan Cameron love having their family be part of their piano business. 

Hours of Operation